Meanings of Bacterial Names

Meanings of Bacterial Names 

Anthrax Coal
Clostridia Spindle
Hemophilus Blood Loving
Diptheros Leather
Gonorrhoea Flow of seed
Staphyle Bunch of grapes
Streptos Twisted
Coryne Club
Leptas Fine or thin
Chlamys Mantle
Proteus Pleomorphism

Alternate Names for Organisms 
K. Pneumoniae Friedlander’s bacillus
H.Aegypticus Koch-weeks bacillus
Salmonella Eberth Gaffky Bacillus/ Ebarthella
M. Paratuberculosis Johne bacillus
Coryne bacterium Pseudo- Tuberculosis Preisz- nocard Bacillus
Pseudomonas pseudomallei Whitmore Bacillus
C. Diptheriae Klebs- Loeffler’s Bacillus
Mycoplasma Eaton Agent
Battey’s Bacillus M.Intracellulare
M. Tuberculosis Koch’s Bacillus

Shape of Organism 
Safety pin appearance a) Plague b) Donovania granulomatis
Meningococci Half moon
Gonococci Kidney
Pneumococci Lanceolate
Cl. Tetani Drumstick
Cl. Welchii Spindle
Rabies Virus Bullet

Basis for Typing of Organisms
Cholera Voges- Proskauer test and Hemolytic activity
Streptococci Carbohydrate ( Lancefield classification) (A.P.P.G.E)
Diptheria Bacteriophage
Salmonella Structural formulae of H &O Antigen
Staphylococci Bacteriophage
Pneumococci Antigenic nature of capsular polysaccharide ( Specific soluble substance)
Enterobacteriae Lactose fermentation
Yersinia. Reduction of Nitrates and fermentation of glycerol
Neisseria Sugar reaction

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